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I have a small zebra finch who has lost all its tail feathers...

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I have a small zebra finch who has lost all it's tail feathers... Is this due to molting?? area seems to be red and sore
Hello and welcome to JA> I'm Dr. Gregg and I will try to help you today. Can you tell me a bit more? Sex of bird, how many in cage, any other areas of feather loss, normal droppings, diet? Sorry for so many questions but these little ones can be tough to diagnose
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

sex unknown, 2 birds total in cage, only feather loss seems to be the tail feathers, diet I'm unsure about. It is my sisters bird. I assume finch feed. I know she needs to get some grit and that reminds me I need to dig some up for her. The birds are nest building crazy, she claims. Acts normal... or as normal as a finch can.

Thanks for that info. What you are seeing is most likely due one bird pulling out the others feathers, a dominance thing. May well be related to the nest building. Other than separating them there are a couple of things to try. Finches like to hide and be seen only when they want. Plastic or silk plants, along with small boxes in the cage can give them places to hide and hopefully reduce conflict. Providing things for the birds to shred and hiding food in various places so they have to forage for it can also help. Diet is very important in these little peeps. A formulated diet, as made by companies like harrison/rowdybush/lafebur is the absolute best diet for them. A good diet prevents a lot of illness and keeps them alive a lot longer. Seeds are not a good diet and I don't think grit is even needed.
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