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Veterinarian101, Veterinarian
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Experience:  Veterinarian with further qualifications in Animal Behavior. Knowledgable on pet behavior and health.
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Hi I have a 5 month old male English staffy when I first got

Customer Question

Hi I have a 5 month old male English staffy when I first got him I noticed patches in his coat I took him to the vet he had a derma something a little bug he had 6 injections over 6 weeks dermadex. The patches went. But now over the last 3 weeks I've notice little lumps coming up over his back and sides n now there's heaps of them like 50 some have a little scab on them. He's scratches flat out. I live in the bush and can't get to the vet for a week. He's had all of his vaccination and is up to date with all wormer and heart worm and frontline. And help I would muchly appreciate as I love him to death and very worried for him. I've recently bought a medicated shampoo for eczema and dermatitis I've only used it once 2 days ago. It was really bad b4 I used it. And his diet has been the same for months chicken necks mince meat with olive oil and benaful dry food
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Veterinary
Expert:  Veterinarian101 replied 4 years ago.

Veterinarian101 :

Hi, I am an experienced veterinarian and happy to help!

Before we start please note:

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Veterinarian101 :

Unfortunately I don't think you are going to like what I have to say but Kaos will still have Demodex.

Veterinarian101 :

I worked for 3 years under a veterinary dermatologist and Demodex is not considered cleared until there have been 3 totally clear skin scrapings each 2 weeks apart.

Veterinarian101 :

Your vet may have had one clear skin scraping after the initial 6 weeks of treatment but the should have continue treatment until they got 2 more clear skin scrapings 2 weeks apart each.

Veterinarian101 :

He needs to either continue to have the injections or you can switch to the sheep oral Ivermectin if you have access to it.

Veterinarian101 :

Can you see what I have written?

JACUSTOMER-wjfra5ee- : So these lumps r still the derma bug ??
Veterinarian101 :

Do you mean the scabs?

Veterinarian101 :

Sorry just checked you written history again - the lumps are what is called folliculitis

JACUSTOMER-wjfra5ee- : and this oral sheep stuff it's for sheep is it
Veterinarian101 :

This is where the mite (Demodex) lives and causes the lumps in the hair shafts.

Veterinarian101 :

This then causes itching and thus the scabs.

Veterinarian101 :

The sheep stuff is called Ivomec. It really needs to be dispensed from your vet due to possible reactions.

Veterinarian101 :

It is at a different dose rate to that given to sheep too.

JACUSTOMER-wjfra5ee- : So is there anything to sooth him til I get him to the vet my mother has some pills left over from her dog they stop itchy
Veterinarian101 :

What are the pills?

Veterinarian101 :

Cool/cold baths below 15 degrees Celsius can inactivate the scratch receptors in the skin for a period.

JACUSTOMER-wjfra5ee- : I'm not sure of the name
Veterinarian101 :

Can you telephone your mother?

JACUSTOMER-wjfra5ee- : So just but him in cool bath and get him back to the vet ASAP
Veterinarian101 :

What is the medicated shampoo called?

JACUSTOMER-wjfra5ee- : The pills r called tocopherol
Veterinarian101 :

Ok give me a minute.

Veterinarian101 :

Ok back now.

JACUSTOMER-wjfra5ee- : The shampoo is purina medicated shampoo for ezcema dermatitis
Veterinarian101 :

That is a Vitamin E basically - it will not help with the itchy.

Veterinarian101 :

It is more for dogs with allergies and mild conditions.

Veterinarian101 :

It will not hurt to use the medicated shampoo but Purina is not the best brand....

Veterinarian101 :

I really think you need to get back to the vet ASAP and make sure they treat the Demodex until they get 3 'clear' scrapings this time.

JACUSTOMER-wjfra5ee- : Ok so cool bath n vet then
Veterinarian101 :

Yes please

Veterinarian101 :

Can I help any further today?

JACUSTOMER-wjfra5ee- : No thanks
Veterinarian101 :

Ok - have a great weekend.