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lump on back of tongue

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lump on back of tongue
Hi there,

Thanks for your question and I'm sorry to hear about your 14 year old girl Smokey who seems to have a lump on the back of her tongue! There are a few potential causes for this lump including anything from a benign of malignant tumor, to a foreign body reaction. Given Smokey's age, it really is important for your Vet to rule out a tumor first and foremost. The easiest way for him or her to do this is by collecting a biopsy of the mass. This is best done under a full general anaesthetic. A piece of the tissue involved can then be taken. In some cases, where possible, the Vet will try and remove as much of the mass as possible (debulk it).

The piece of tissue removed is then sent in to a Veterinary pathologist for histo and usually they will give a diagnosis within a few working days. If this was a 'nasty' mass, then it would be impossible for your Vet to fully remove the mass without affecting Smokey's ability to swallow. If this was a benign mass, then your Vet may need to 'debulk' it a couple of times per year under an anaesthetic.

Best of luck with Smokey and please chat with your Vet about booking her in for this biopsy early next week if you can. Let me know how you get on if you get a chance. Don't forget to click an excited face :-D if this has been helpful. Please be sure to reply using the REPLY TO EXPERT button if you need any further help or advice.

Kind Regards,

Dr Edwards

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Hi Mary,

I'm just following up on our conversation about Smokey. How is everything going?

Pet Doc