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Dr. Jamie
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I have a rotty&lab mix he is fixed and a rescue I took..he

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I have a rotty&lab mix he is fixed and a rescue I took..he is almost 8 months..and he has 2 bad habits one is getting less the jumping up,,but the biteing of the hands isn't..and the nipping..any sujestions

Dr. Jamie :


I am Dr. Jamie. Congrats on your new family member!

To address the jumping issue I would go out and buy a “gentle leader” first. This will really help you keep control. Here is info:

If he tends to greet you by jumping up, then the focus of training must be to teach the dog an alternative behavior (sit, down, tummy rub, mat) which does receive your attention while ALL reinforcement of the undesirable greeting (jumping on you) must cease. When he trys to jump on you either use the gentle leader head halter to pull his head down and away, or turn away from him, back up or totally ignore him until he calms and sits. You may want to work with a trainer to help you teach him to greet you by sitting at your feet.. Consistency, prevention and practice are the keys.

This product may also help:

Regarding the mouthy/biting behavior here are some suggestions for this problem:

1.This is usually a play behavior gone bad. Teach your dog what is appropriate to chew on or bite and what is not. When he bites at clothes or hands say “no” firmly then give him something he can bite, like a rope toy.
2.Another option is when he does this scream “ouch!” and stop all play until a later time. After this happens several times he will see that when he is too rough the game ends.
3.Get the small plastic lemon-shaped lemon juice containers, because they fit nicely in your hand. When the puppy starts grabbing at your hand, squirt the lemon juice IN his mouth. While he is licking his lips trying to get rid of the taste, you calmly keep repeating 'good no-bite. good no-bite'. NOTE: I have met several lab puppies that actually LIKED lemon juice! In those cases, a breath spray like Binaca (minty) works well.
4. Often dogs do this when people run (in a playful way), so make sure that kids especially never, ever, ever run from the dog. A dog's two absolute FAVORITE games are tag and keep-away. If you watch a puppy with an adult dog, the puppy will chew on the back aspect of the thighs of the adult dog until the adult dog turns around to pin the puppy. Then the puppy jumps back, and a game of tag ensues.
5. A gentle leader (head halter) could also give some control over the dog's head. Once the dog is comfortable wearing the halter then it can be used to close the mouth and direct the head away. Once the dog settles, tension on the head halter is released and the dog allowed to go back to regular activities. The head halter alone has a calming effect with some (but not all) dogs. It allows for feedback for the dog that is timely and meaningful.
6. Instead of grabbing, jerking, and jumping around with your puppy, slow things down so the dog can stop and think. Don’t let anyone encourage your puppy to put teeth on human skin. Teach everyone to treat the puppy in a way that will build your puppy’s trust in people and safe responses to them.
7.Don’t let people pet the puppy when the pup is jumping up on them. Everyone needs to “freeze action” whenever the puppy gets mouthy with teeth on a human or otherwise too wild. As soon as the pup settles down, pet then so the puppy learns that calm behavior is the best way to get human attention.
8. Make sure you teach your dog basic command such as "sit", "stay" and "lay down". Use these commands to settle him down when he gets hyped up.

Probably doesn't need to be said, but I will anyway: NO tug of war, NO playing with just your hands. This will just encourage the problem.

Good luck!
Dr. Jamie

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

all these things I have tried..only we used hot pepper ,,but he likes it..I have only had him little over 1 month.. these habits I think from before.. I have had dogs most of my life. Have never had this hard headedness before.. head halter didn't work ..he got it off an chewed it..I did bite him back and that works for short time...I am 61 so no jumping around with him..he likes to walk himself with the lease in his mouth..and will pull till I let him run with it(I have 6 acres) so not sure what else other then mussel

I would try this for the jumping and pulling:

Don't let him "walk himself" but instead let him carry a toy or treat with you on walks to keep his mouth busy. Try a few different things until you find something he loves ( a tennis ball, squeaky toy, ray hid, pig ear, etc)

You will need to work with a trainer (preferably one who uses clicker training) to help teach him a strong sit and stay command.

If he liked the hot pepper, try the lemon juice and mint spray. Once you find something he dislikes this works very well.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

what do you think about shock collar? have never to ever use this..will try the lemon the clicker doesn't work done that too..will stop the self walking ..he is alot better the when I first got him just this hand thing is not changing at all..and so days is so much worse.. he doesn't want me to do anything but play with you think longer walks would help??

I would save the shock collar as a very LAST resort, but it can be a helpful tool in some very strong willed dogs.

It sounds like he is a very high energy dog. I would give him as much exercise as possible. Besides longer walks, if you have a place to take him so he can run free or swim that would be ideal. Maybe consider signing him up for some agility classes too? Or even hiring someone or finding a friend to take him running daily would really help.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

thank you for ur help..on rainy days we don't get our long walk and he seems to act out more then I thank you for ur help

Your welcome and don't lose heart, he CAN get past this behavior.

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