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DrEllie, Veterinarian
Category: Veterinary
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Experience:  General practitioner with experience in mixed animal medicine.
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my dog is salivvating excessively, but is not bloated should

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my dog is salivvating excessively, but is not bloated should i go the the vet now. she is a 10 year old american bulldog

DrEllie :

Hi! My name isXXXXX and I am a licensed veterinarian. I am here to help answer your questions but please remember that advice and diagnosis over the internet can never replace advice given in person after a thorough physical examination and evaluation of lab work.
Please be patient as some responses can take some time to type out. In addition, please do not forget to rate our interaction after I have answered all of your questions.

I see that you have been waiting for an answer for about a half hour so I am going to try to help you to the best of my ability. Has Betsy been vomiting at all? How is her appetite?

DrEllie :

If it is possible to have Betsy seen today, it may be worth having her checked out because most veterinarians do not work on Sundays. It is not necessarily an emergency, but having her checked just to be on the safe side would be better than waiting and having problems over the weekend.

The biggest things we look for when a dog is hypersalivating would be a problem in the mouth first. Broken tooth? Something stuck in the teeth? Also something lodged in the roof of the mouth between the teeth? We can also see increased salivating with masses that grow in the mouth. Sometimes to get a good look in the mouth, sedation is needed.

Second, if Betsy is experiencing some nausea she may also salivate excessively. This is why I inquired about her appetite and vomiting. Often with nausea we see lip licking as an additional sign.

Lastly, if Betsy ate something bitter or bad tasting she may salivate more than normal. Any chance that she got into anything?

DrEllie :

As I mentioned, I'd rather be safe than sorry and would recommend having her checked if possible.

Please feel free to reply if you have further questions or need clarification. It would be my pleasure to help you and Betsy!

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Hi Gary,

I'm just following up on our conversation about Betsy. How is everything going?