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My 13 year old poodle ate part of a bag of trail mix ,containing

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My 13 year old poodle ate part of a bag of trail mix ,containing raisens ,m and m,s peanuts,chocholate chips ,and peanut butter chips .The bag was approximately 23/4 cups in size she had about 3/4 cup .She weighs 15 lbs ,I gave her 1 tsp of hydrogen peroxide ,and repeated 1/2 dose when she didn't vomit . What should I do should I re give peroxide ? Should I take her to the ER
I am sorry your dog got into the trail mix. Don't repeat the peroxide. I am always worried about aspirating the peroxide and it is very bad for the lungs. Raisins and grapes are very strange in dogs and cats. The problem is not dose related but a sensitivity to them and they can cause kidney failure. I would at least highly recommend taking her to your nearest emergency veterinary clinic for proper emesis with Apomorphine and supportive care if possible. There shouldn't be enough chocolate chips to cause problems but not seeing it I couldn't say for sure. Good luck on this.
Dr. Jay Mawhinney

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I hope all is going well.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for your advice ,Bella was admitted to local ER.They induced vomiting ,approximately 50 raisins and other trail mix components returned .Poison control advised Iv fluids for 72 hours ,and montitoring blood work .Bella is now home doing fine she had no reaction to the raisins . Thank you for your helpful advice and for promt reply and continued concern.

Your very welcome and glad things turned out well.