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my 11 year old cavalier king charles has battled demodex for

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my 11 year old cavalier king charles has battled demodex for some years. Routine dosing of Interceptor successfully controlled them. However, with the product being off market attempts with Revolution and Advantage Multi had minor success but not enough, resulting in serious skin infection. Local vet put him on Ivermectin. He has MVD and severe intestinal problems handled by a ZD diet, benezapril, metoclompromide, famotidine, metronidazole, and budesinide. He has been on Ivermectin for about 10 days now (along with antibiotics for the infection) and I am noticing a small elevation in his intestinal issues (cough and gag in morning) and he seems to be sleeping quite a bit more. Specialists in LA (200 miles from me) cobbled together his meds but think Ivermectin a risk. Skin infection left no choice so local vet ordered it. Can the combo of all those meds be toxic with Ivermectin, or Ivermectin exacerbate existing conditions ? Needless to say I am very worried about him, expecially as he had been doing so well.
I would defer to the specialist but some level of Ivermectin may be needed and I would work directly with whatever Veterinary dermatologist the specialist has in his/her referral facility. There are potential liver problems with Ivermectin. The other reality is that most true Demodex infections in adult animals are due to immune deficiencies. I would have them closely monitor the thyroid levels and for you to discuss the immune status of your dog with the specialty hospital. This is too complicated a situation for a general practitioner. Good luck on this.
Dr. Jay Mawhinney

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I hope you were able to contact the speicalist.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Your answer was enough to remind me to "go with my gut" and I thank you for that. I took my dog off the invermectin immediately and decided to increase the frequency of his Advantage Multi. In a study I read a weekly dosage was much more successful. Since he has been on bi-weekly dosages previously with no adverse reactions it seems a better course. Unfortunately with all his problems his treatment options are limited. The cessation of invermection promptly stopped his gastrointestinal reactions and he is a happy guy again. Now the hope is that Interceptor returns to the market relatively soon as it is a very successful treatment for him. Thank you again
You're welcome and hope things continue to improve or at least stabilize.