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My dog is squinting and acting like light hurts his eyes, this

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My dog is squinting and acting like light hurts his eyes, this just started happening a day or so ago. He has always had matter in his eyes and I have cleaned them at least once a day for at least 2 years. Should I use eye drops or something I can do?
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Are the eyes red?

Are the pupils the same size?

What color is the eye discharge?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The eyes are not red. I have not gotten a good look at his pupils. The discharge is whitish yellow.

Based on your history, one possible cause is a conjunctivitis (LINK HERE).

Other causes we can not rule out with history alone:
- Corneal ulceration (scratch to the cornea, trauma to the eye)
- Allergies
- Other eye abnormalities such as a decreased tear production.

Options for at home care include:

- Warm compress the eye with a clean, damp, warm cloth. This will help with inflammation in the area.

- The second option is to try to flush the eye with a sterile saline solution. I am referring to a normal, over the counter saline solution commonly found in the same aisle of the grocery stor or drugstore as contact solution. (EXAMPLE HERE).

- Antihistamines - an example being Benadryl (LINK HERE).

- Testing to see if there are other causes such as an infection or ulcer and considering topical antibiotics. A common example is NeoPolyGram (EXAMPLE HERE)

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