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My bearded dragon was impacted and has been treated by a vet.

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My bearded dragon was impacted and has been treated by a vet. After an enema and warm bathe he passed a huge amount a stool. He has been draggin ghis hind legs for 2 days and I dont know if he will recover. We have had him for 3 months and are feeding dusted crickets and lettuce. I had a lamp and under cage heat pad but dont have temperature of humidity gages. The vet has told me we need to change the cage and diet set up but can't say for for if the paralysis will recover. Is there a good site I can use to make sure I have the diet and cage set up right? Also, he can still feel when his toes are lightly pinched - do you think his paralysis will recover?

Welcome to Just Answer. Thank you for your question today. I'm very sorry to hear about Cheeko's situation. This is a situation where it is not known if he will recover from this. I hate to say it like this, but is the injury / neurologic situation one that the injury is permanent or temporary? Could there have been pressure on some nerves and this caused a temporary issue or a permanent one? It is good that he's still feeling his toes when they are lightly pinched. That indicates that there is still neurologic information going from the leg to his brain. In a situation like this, time and good husbandry / nursing care are key to see if his body can come back from this. I would like to see how he's doing in a couple days to a week.

As far as the good care at home, this is where the husbandry you're doing comes into play. He needs the proper cage, humidity, warmth, light sources and nutrition. This is a lot to go over so I like to send owners to this site. Please read it and let me know what questions it brings up.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

a few questions:


Recommended humidity in cage?

How often should uv lights bulbs be changed?

Can you feed Oxbow Carnivore care by syringe if it's mixed w pureed greens?

Do you rec undercage heating pads, or just over head lights?


Recommended humidity in cage? Relative humidity inside the enclosure should be kept between 35 to 40 percent. These guys get most of their moisture from their foods but fresh drinking water should always be available. Humidity can be too low in the winter months so mist him with water a couple times a week. I like to have a soaking bath available in the enclosure so they can get in it if wanted. But with his mobility issue I would caution against this.

How often should uv lights bulbs be changed? I would change them every 6 months as to go longer leaves open the possibility that they aren't working as well.

Can you feed Oxbow Carnivore care by syringe if it's mixed w pureed greens? You can feed the Oxbow Carnivore by syringe mixed with some pureed greens. At this time, getting nutrition and hydration in him is very important.

Do you rec undercage heating pads, or just over head lights? I like the over head lights specifically. The reason is that this gives gradients for heat and greatly reduces the chance of thermal burns. They can accidentally burn themselves if they are on an underground heat source and the top of their body is cooler than they want.
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Hi Anne,

I'm just following up on our conversation about Cheeko. How is everything going?

Dr. Bruce
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

My computer wont open much of your email but more detailed ideas onthe immediate care would have been helpful He detrioated further - front leg became paralyzed overnight and we had him put to sleep

I'm very sorry that Cheeko deteriorated and was put down. Honestly, when he wasn't using his back legs I didn't anticipate him improving. These exotics hide their illnesses very well till they are very, very sick. The key to keeping then healthy is good husbandry care through nutrition and the environment. I encourage owners to read as many publications as possible about overall care as they all can emphasize certain aspects that set in better.