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my dog has parvo. What are good ways to treat the puppy at

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my dog has parvo. What are good ways to treat the puppy at home? the Emergancy vet gave posstaum bags and antiboitcs. I also found something on line Thumb size dandielion root, teaspoon thyme, hand full of barley, hnd full of rice. let cook for 10 to 15 min pour off juice and add pediolyte use a turkey baster serving the dog every 30min Please advise. It is too expense trying to use thte vet. Just the vist and meds I sent $900.00
Hi there.

I'm sorry to hear about JD. Parvovirus infection is one of the most serious conditions that a puppy can be affected with. Unfortunately, chances of recovery with at home treatment are very poor. Some puppies are diagnosed early (just after symptoms start) and do better if treatment is given early...

Your options are limited.

1. Fluids; this is very important. Since you've been given a bag of fluids, and I'm assuming directions and instructions on how much/often to give, please keep up with this.

2. Antibiotics; if you haven't been given antibiotics for JD, you should ask your vet for a prescription. Even though parvo is a viral disease, bacterial from the intestines can easily cross into the blood stream (because there is so much inflammation in the intestines) and cause problems. An oral antibiotic may be problematic if JD is vomiting...

3. Anti-vomiting medication; again, you should ask your vet for this. If JD doesn't vomit, he will be able to get his antibiotics and will be able to eat, which is very important.

4. Pain medication; this is painful; ask your vet for pain medication.

5. Food; if there is no vomiting, you should feed small, frequent meals of something bland, such as boiled skinless/boneless chicken breast and white rice; if there is vomiting, I would wait 5-6hrs and then try again.

6. Please don't waste your efforts/money and optimism on herbal mixtures; none are going to help here, unfortunately...

Here is a link with more information on parvo treatment (home therapy info is at the end):


Hope this helps; please let me know if you have any other questions; best of luck!
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