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Dr Scott Nimmo
Dr Scott Nimmo, Small Animal Veterinarian.
Category: Veterinary
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Experience:  BVMS, MRCVS. { Glasgow UK }
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my dog ate an entire red velvet cake about 8-9 hours ago.

Resolved Question:

my dog ate an entire red velvet cake about 8-9 hours ago. she seems no worse for the wear. should i be worried?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Veterinary
Expert:  Dr Scott Nimmo replied 5 years ago.
Thanks for the question.

While I cannot diagnose your Bassett's problem via the internet I can make the following general comments :

1. The situation here is that if symptoms were going to occur then the chances are they would have done so well before now so it looks like you do not have anything to worry about.

2. The main worry with dogs and cakes is the chocolate content, I have looked a some recipes online for red velvet cake and usually this would be low so this will not be a problem. That said you may see a minor transient gastro-enteritis because of the sudden intake of sweet rich food stuffs.

3. Of course you should keep an eye on your dog and if any odd symptoms appear then you should contact your vet without delay. this would be very unlikely though ...

If I have not covered your question fully enough or you would like to ask more I will be online for the next hour or so and I will be at your disposal.


Scott Nimmo BVMS, MRCVS.

I have over twenty five years full time experience in treating domestic pets and am pleased to do my best to advise you with your current problem. However please note that this advice and any subsequent advice I may give is for your interest and education only and is not intended as a substitute for an in-person consultation with a qualified veterinarian.
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