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My spayed female still comes into her heat cycle & is causing

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My spayed female still comes into her heat cycle & is causing problems with my two male dogs is there something I can spray to keep this smell away -or - what? I am having to tie my one large male dog up all the time for he keeps attacking my other small male when I let my female outside --Help!
Welcome to JustAnswer! I am a licensed veterinarian and would be glad to help!

What are the signs that your dog is coming into heat?

Was the dog spayed before you adopted her?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Basically the two males are after her continuly, follow her around trying to get to her, several times I have had to rescue her from the large male dog, actually pushing her down - The large male has attacked my smaller male dog who is also trying to get to her - This will carry on for about a week or so & then everything will be good for a week & back we go again -When we adopted her we had her spayed two days after - apparantly from what they tell us this is normal - I thought that this was one of the reasons that spaying was to be done to eliminate this - Please let me know if there is anything I can do - Neither my animals or myself should have to live like this
If there is a concern about a heat, this is abnormal and there is not a spray or medication for this.

Rather - I would be concerned and focused on why she may have heat concerns.

In cases such as this, there is the possibility of either ectopic ovarian tissue or ovarian tissue left behind during the surgery.


1) During the "heat" have your veterinarian perform vaginal cytology to confirm estrus.


2) Have a board certified radiologist peform an abdominal ultrasound looking for the ovary or ovarian tissue.


3) Have a board certified soft tissue surgeon perform a full abdominal exploratory procedure.


4) Have your veterinarian perform a sex steroid hormone panel.


I hope this information helps! please let me know if you have additional quesitons!
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