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Dr. Andy
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how long will a seizure last , my dog has been having one for

Customer Question

how long will a seizure last , my dog has been having one for 30 -40 mins
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Veterinary
Expert:  Dr. Andy replied 5 years ago.

Dr. Andy :


Dr. Andy :

Well, there can be some irregular pacing, breathing before the seizure. That can last from a few minutes to 30 minutes or more.

Dr. Andy :

The seizure itself should not be longer than a few minutes. Anything over 4-5 minutes is a huge risk for brain and body injury.

Dr. Andy :

After the actual seizure, a pet can remain disoriented, but they are at least responsive, for another few minutes to hours. This is what we call the post-ictal period.

Dr. Andy :

If your pet has been tremoring and/or non-responsive for 30 or more minutes, it is critical to get into a vet.

Dr. Andy :

Seizures are generally caused by:

1. Intra-cranial disease (something inside the head including infections, inflammatory conditions, and cancer)

2. Extra-cranial disease (anything outside of the head including organ problems like liver disease, infections, electrolyte abnormalities that can be caused by endocrine disease like Addison's, cancer)

3. Epilepsy (When there is no known cause despite all possible screenings tests including MRI and testing CSF fluid for abnormalities). Epilepsy "usually" has an onset of around 2-5 or 6 years of age, although it can start earlier or later.

Treatment for seizures does not necessarily start immediately. A life-long medication like Phenobarbital or Potassium Bromide is considered when:

The seizures last for 4-5 minutes or longer, causing increased concern for brain injury

If they occur in clusters

If they are increasing in frequency

Initial testing should include at least a blood profile (with a thyroid level).

Dr. Andy :

You cannot treat a seizure at home. There is no over-the-counter drug.

Dr. Andy :

It requires medication like valium, injectable phenobarbital, and even anesthesia (propofol) to control a seizure, depending on its underlying cause.

Dr. Andy :

Hope that info helps

Dr. Andy :

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My family greatly appreciates it. Thank you

Dr. Andy :

May I address any other questions.

Dr. Andy :

I saw you typing for awhile, but I have not received any extra information that I can comment on?

Expert:  Dr. Andy replied 5 years ago.
I believe you had more to add, but I have not received it.
I tried to cover as much as possible.

Dr. Andy


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