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Our hair male cat, big boy at about 18 pounds is forever

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Our long hair male cat, big boy at about 18 pounds is forever leaving a hair ball for us! He also licks constantly and we get patches of fur left on the floor every day. Can he be missing something in his diet that we need to address?
Tom Zook

Hello. Thanks for writing in.

Where exactly on his body is he licking?

Are there any areas he is licking bald?

What diet was he on before, and what did you switch him to?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
He was on Science Diet the changed to Blue Buffalo. He licks his whole body, not just one specific area and no bald spots.
Thanks for the information. Both of these diets are nutritionally complete, so he shouldn't be missing anything out of his diet. Cats are usually frequent groomers, so they will lick their body a lot. As long as there are no bald patches or skin lesions, it is usually normal. Being long haired, he may just be getting a thicker undercoat for the Fall, and it could be the reason he is licking more often than normal if that is the case. I would start by brushing him once a day to help remove the undercoat. The cat Furminator works great for this purpose. Some owners find that just shaving them down helps out a lot with the shedding. I would try giving him Laxatone on a regular basis to help control the hairballs. He will continue to ingest hair when he is grooming, but this will help it to move through his intestinal tract easier. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Hope this helps.
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