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Ichon (Polysulfated Glycosaminoglycan)

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Hello, I am going to give our horse ichon (Polysulfated Glycosaminoglycan). I've read some forums that say there may be a concern for mad cow disease or BSE since it's derived from a cows trachea. I called their facility to find out if their product is BSE free (they picked up right away on first call) and they won't talk to me. They said they'll only talk to a veterinarian. Here is their contact info: KineticVet P.O. Box 12388 Lexington, KY 40583 XXX-XXX-XXXX - Phone XXX-XXX-XXXX - [email protected] Please call them to clarify this.

There was a human Polysulfated Glycosaminoglycan product called Arteparon.  Can you tell me why it was discontinued?  I think it was BSE related.  Is there a way to test BSE?

Also, please let me know if there are any other risks associated with ichon. I just want to make sure it's safe before I use it. Thanks.


Hello I am Dr. Amy and will help you with your question. I will give them a call and see what they say about your concerns and if they can shed light on the forum chatter on this... BSE is typically in the nerve tissue (ie spinal cord, brain, cutaneous nerves) however there is contamination factors that should be addressed. Will get back with you asap.


What is you intended use of this product?


Unfortunately they are closed for the evening, I left a message for them to call me back tomorrow. From reading the limited literature on this product it does not appear that it is labelled for use as an arthritis drug, meaning it would not be able to go intravenously, under the skin or in the muscle or joints. I am suspecting you want to use this as Adequan® or Chondroprotec® for arthritis and joint health? If this is the case, this product is not labeled and not approved for use this way. It is approved for use as below:

  • Intraperitoneal prophylactic agent for prevention of adhesions (in the abdomen post-surgery)

  • Post-surgical lavage to prevent adhesions in gynecological procedures (in the uterus after c-section, or reproductive surgery in the area, not as an injection)

  • Strengthen post surgical scar (on the skin)



I would stick with Adequan® or Chondroprotec® as they are approved as injections, meaning they have been through the clinical trials and are proven to work.


The human Polysulfated Glycosaminoglycan product called Arteparon was discontinued in 2002 after studies found that oversulfated chondroitin sulfate is a contaminant in heparin associated with adverse clinical events... events such as rapid, serious side effects indicative of an allergic-type reaction, potential bleeding risk... actual signs were: within several minutes after intravenous injection of unfractionated heparin (contained in this product) — with angioedema (hives), hypotension (low blood pressure, poor circulation), swelling of the larynx and related symptoms (unable to breathe), which in some cases ended in death >>> not good.


last was paraphrased from this study : <<<---- Click left


Thank you for your answer. It's very thorough. Adequan and Ichon are actually considered interchangeable by a lot of horse owners. The reason Ichon is not considered the same


Thank you for your answer. It's very thorough. Adequan and Ichon are actually considered interchangeable by a lot of horse owners. The reason Ichon is not considered the same is for patent reasons. Adequan has a patent, so Ichon labeled itself as something different so that it could legally come out with a Polysulfated Glycosaminoglycan product.

This is one example:

If you do get a hold of them, please ask about BSE and how their product differs from Adequan structurally. I think they're the same thing. I'm more worried about giving it to my horse if it doesn't go through the same QA as Adequan, but I would really like to try it because I already bought it and I'm having second thoughts. I'm sure if you get a hold of them you'll have to say it's for post surgical scars or something in order for them to give you straight answers. They were pretty harsh on the phone with me and I was just asking 1 quick question.. good luck;) Anyway, thanks for your help on this;) I really appreciate it.


will do, will let you know what I find out.


Ok it is 12 pm on the east coast, no call back from the company this morning,,, I just called and left another message for them to call me on my cell. I researched the product on a veterinary forum last night as well... There were several postings from Boarded equine vets that said not to use this product as you would adequan as it has not gone through the same product testing and control models as adequan and Legend have... basically we don't know what adverse reactions they may have in the muscle /vein /or subcutaneous tissue, and for this fact it is not recommended... it was clearly stated by these vets that this is NOT a generic of adequan, there are different components to it and derived differently than adequan. There was no mention about the BSE being a concern for these vets. Given the fact that horses are so sensitive, the lack of testing, and the recommendations off the forum,,, I would not use it in the rescue horses I work with whom have no home/owners and definitely would not use it in a pleasure or working horse. I will continue to try to contact the company regarding the BSE question you have. This product would be a "use at your own risk" or "off label use" for something other than what it is labelled for. I cannot recommend you use this product other than what it is labelled for. See if you can return the product to the manufacturer and get your money back for it. I would caution you with online forums that are not monitored by veterinarians, anyone can put anything out on the internet so take it all with a grain of salt as they say.


Ok I just saw this: Looks like Adequan may be on backorder. I'll have to find out. I really appreciate your advice. I will definitely accept once you talk to them. Thank you for your help.

Hello again -

Ok spoke to a rep at KineticVet this afternoon. Did not get incredibly far as the vet on staff is out for the week to return on Monday. They have my phone and email so he can contact me on Monday. Gave the questions of concern of injection and BSE. Rep was helpful and apologized for them not getting back to me and I having to call a 4th time. So we are still in process, sorry there's not much else I can do from here until I talk with the product vet on Monday,,, most companies post there product testing this one doesn't seem to.

The rep I spoke to did mention an oral product from them called Conquer that is having excellent results., comes in a variety of formulations.

I will get back with you once I hear from Kineticvet's vet.

And we have an answer ...


Yes Ichon is chemically identical to Adequan. It is water-based as Adequan equine. Regarding the BSE, the risk is negated, Adequan is derived from bovine trachea as well and they have reported no problems, as I posted previously BSE mainly contained in the nervous tissue.


The vet confirmed that using this like you would adequan is "off-label" use. For obvious reasons he cannot give a yes/no to using this product they way you want to.


I hope this has given you the information you requested. Please see your veterinarian to discuss if using this product off label is right for your horse.



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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Actually, I guess a better way to ask is, do you think that Ichon and Adequan are of the same quality now that you talked to the makers of Ichon? Just asking;) Thanks!
Sorry must have missed this post. Yes after talking to the head vet at this company and finding out the chemical make up is chemically the same, I am comfortable using it as an "extra label" use for arthritis in the horses I work with.