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What's the best flea bomb to get rid of fleas?

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what is the best flea bomb and product to get rid of fleas on dogs and cats?

Hello, I'd like to help! I just need to ask you a few questions to be well informed and give you the best advice.

Do the cats go outside?

Do you have a lot of carpets or hard floors?

What is your yard like, open, shaded, lots of bushes, etc?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

the cats don't go out, but one does escape once in a while and runs around the house till I can get him in, but he stays in our yard close to the house. 2 rooms have carpet the rest of the house has hard floors. The yard is pretty open except by back fence, the neighbors have bushes and trees and mostly sunny area.

Ok thanks!

By the time you start seeing fleas, it is late in the game and will take anywhere from a few months to as long as 6 months to get the problem resolved. Each flea lays 30 or so eggs per day. These eggs fall off the pets and end up in the environment... couches, carpets, bedding, etc. Even if you get rid of the fleas on the pets, 95% of the flea population remains in the environment.

The flea eggs hatch to become larvae, which are tiny little worms, then these form a cocoon stage called pupa. The eggs and the larva can be eliminated by spraying the house but the pupa can't. Nothing kills the pupa. The pupa hatch to become adults so when this happens, if there are flea products on the pets, the adult fleas will die.

So to your question...there are several good options. The most important thing is consistently applying a high quality topical to the pets every month, year round. I would use Frontline as it is very safe for cats and dogs. Don't use cheap brands that are less safe and less effective. Dog products are generally not safe on cats. In the ER, we see several cats per month that come in seizuring because dog products were applied to cats.

Spray the house with Knockout Spray. Follow the instructions closely: click here

Spray the yard with an area treatment - focus on shaded areas. Immature fleas don't survive direct sunlight: click here
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

if I use the knockout spray, do I need the knockout fogger also. Or can I just use the fogger, because I'm thinking the fogger will get into places the spray doesn't reach.

Foggers are much less effective than the spray.

They don't spread evenly in a room and they don't get under things like tables, chairs, couches. They get the product on counters, tables, etc where flea eggs and larvae don't go.

The spray is cleaner, you can direct it where it needs to go and you don't have to leave windows open for hours like you do with foggers.

Focus mostly on carpets, along baseboards and especially where the pets spend their time. One can will treat about 800 - 1000 sq ft.
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One thing to remember is that if new fleas hatch, you may still see a few here and there. That, unfortunately is part of the deal. It doesn't mean that your treatments aren't working. Its just that new fleas are hatching from the pupa (cocoon) stage and you may see them until there aren't amy more of these left to hatch.

Good luck!