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Dr. Peter
Dr. Peter, Veterinarian
Category: Veterinary
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Experience:  16 years of small animal internal medicine, surgery and preventive medicine.
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my dogs back legs are going out on her. she dosent seem sick,

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my dog's back legs are going out on her. she dosen't seem sick, she just can't walk straight and keeps falling.

Hello, I am Dr. Peter a licensed Veterinarian. I would like to help. I need to ask you a few questions to be well informed and give you the best advise. There is no additional charge for information request.

1- How long has this been going on?

2- Besides the back leg problems any other symptoms?

3- Take a look at her gums and see if they are pink or pale?

4- Any pre existing medical conditions?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

1 a few hours

2 no

3 no dark color

4 her back legs have gave out before when walking, like she stubbles. the vet said some dogs do that id their knee caps are not seated, but hers were ok, not bad.

1- What breed is your dog?

2- It is fair to say she has had problems with her back legs in the past?

3- Is she on any medications?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

1 she is part yorkie and poodle

2 yes

3 no

To make certain I got this right, her symptoms begin to get worst today, but prior to this she was relatively fine, right?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

The symptoms that you are describing could be consistent with a pinch nerve along the vertebral column (back) that is interfering with the nerves of the back legs. This is a concern because it can lead to paralysis of the back legs. Certainly, problems with the knees or hips can cause abnormal gait of the back legs. But, given the acute nature of this problem I would want to rule out a pinch nerve along the back. In this case, the recommendation is to consider having her checked by ER veterinarian today. The quicker she is treated the better the prognosis. I would strongly recommend you take her to the nearest ER veterinarian to have her examined and start medical therapy.


If you have additional questions I will be glad to answer them.


Dr. Peter

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