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Hi,My rabbit has now a white discharge(like mucus) in one

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Hi, My rabbit has now a white discharge(like mucus) in one of her eye. About a month ago she started to show a red (blood-capillar) lump at the corner of the eye and now it began having this continous dischages. Please advise me what should I do. Thanks in advance, Kim

ER Vet :

Hello, I'm Dr. XXXXX XXXXX and I'd like to help!

ER Vet :

This is likely due to an infection either in the tooth roots or in the nasal sinuses. There are several types of bacteria that can do this. The one that is most well known is pasteurella. This can be quite serious in some rabbits and shoud be checked by a veterinarian.

ER Vet :

Some vets do complete work ups for this, others try conservative treatment with antibiotics. Rabbits are sensitive to certain antibiotics so you have to be careful about what is used.

ER Vet :

The comlete workup would include blood tests, x rays and a mouth exam under anesthesia. This is not something that you an typically treat without antibiotics.


It seems like the situation is worsening and blood is starting to leak out from the corner abscess in her (rabbit's) eye. Tomorrow is Independence day and any services will be closed. I don't know how much worse this can get and I am worried about how to approach this infection. Is there anything I can do at home while I wait for assistance from a vet? Also, about how much will it cost for the complete workup? Thank You.

ER Vet : There are many emergency vets open through the holiday. That is what I do. I just got off work and am working 12 hours tomorrow. This problem may be beyond help but not xsure. The cost could range anywhere from $250 up to $400. At the least if they could start antibiotics, it would potentially keep things at bay and reverse some of the changes you are seeing. The only thing I could think might be helpful at home would be to apply a warm, wet washcloth to the eyes for 10 minutes every few hours. I wish there was more that I could do.
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