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My guinea pig has white discharge stuff on his back end...its

Resolved Question:

My guinea pig has white discharge stuff on his back's not poop. I don't know what it is? It is sticky and hardens after awhile. I have seen this once before but the guck was already hard and I thought it was from him playing outside.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Veterinary
Expert:  fiona steel replied 6 years ago.



Are you sure your guinea pig is a he?


When female guinea pigs come into season they can pass a mucus plug, which will look like a thick white discharge. There is not usually very much of it though.


If he is a male, the other thing it could be is that guinea pig urine is highly calcified, so it will appear thick and cloudy. If it becomes too calcified though, this can lead to bladder stones.


The other possibility is that he has become sexually excited, and what you are seeing is semen. Guinea pig semen sets like glue, this can lead to problems if the penis is stuck out.


Keep an eye on him for now, if the discharge becomes persistent, you will need to take him for a check up with your vet.


Kind regards XXXXX XXXXX

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Thank you for the information I am thinking that it might be semen cause we do have

two Guinea Pigs (and no babies for a year :), they share the cage together. They also keep trying to dominate each other, you know, climbing on each others backs and fighting also.

We hoped that this fighting and dominating "action" would subside but they conitnue to go at each other constantly (we've had them for a year).

Do you have any suggestions to making them live happily with each other?

And not to have this mess?

thank you


Expert:  fiona steel replied 6 years ago.

Guinea pigs are sociable animals and will usually get along fine in company.


2 males will usually get along so long as there are no females around.


You may need to give them more space and more areas to hide in so that they can get away from one another. If they really can't get along you may have to divide the cage, so that they can see each other, but not fight.


Both these sites have lots of useful information.


I hope this helps, regards Fiona

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