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dog: is having diarrhea..congestive heart failure and hip dysplasia.

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My dog is having diarrhea and will not eat for two days. She has congestive heart failure and hip dysplasia. What can I give her to help settle her stomach. She is drinking water but no food. She is a 13 year old Bouvier who is the best dog in the world.

I hope you can help her, Thanks Gail
Hi, thanks for your question. Has she been losing weight recently? Is she coughing, or having any trouble breathing?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Yes to all. I have a regular vet who is giving hers meds. Benazepril 20 mg every 24 hours,Furosemide 40mg every12 hrs,Mirtazapine 15mg every 12 hrs, Previcox, Cosequin Ss and CoQ-10 75 once a day
Thanks for the reply. How long has it been since she has been diagnosed with heart disease? When was the last time her condition was rechecked?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Its been about three weeks, It seems I am taking her every week. She was not eating for a while I have her on Iams dry food, then I put her on Science Diet canned food. She loved it and seems to get better. She started throwing up on Thursday night, then stopped by Friday, but has had diarrhea ever since
OK, thanks for the additional information. One more question - Has she been able to rest comfortably at all, or does she seem rather restless, and coughs or breathes heavily instead of resting or sleeping?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Sophie sleeps pretty well, doesn't cough very much like she used to. All she does now is lay down. Can't get her to eat or anything but just lays down. She did have lots of flem w
OK, thanks. Diarrhea may be caused by many different things - a reaction to medicines, or a change in diet, or metabolic problems like kidney disease or liver disease, along with many other possibilities.

In a patient with heart disease, sometimes poor heart output can lead to digestive problems, due to poor blood flow to the intestines.

Any medication can cause digestive upsets, but of course in heart patients, medication is critically important.

Diuretics such as furosemide can cause derangements of electrolyte levels, which could in turn lead to a poor appetite and other symptoms, so a blood test to check the electrolyte levels is a good idea. The kidney levels can also rise due to the dehydration caused by furosemide, and this can cause poor intestinal function as well.

It's possible that these symptoms are unrelated to the heart disease, and could be due to a parasite she picked up, or a viral infection, or bacterial infection.

Some symptomatic measures may give relief until you can get to a veterinarian. If the vomiting has stopped, clear fluids such as chicken broth, or diluted gatorade, or pedialyte, can be offered. When food is restarted, white rice, plus a small amount of lean boiled chicken breast, is a good option. Plain yogurt can be added, for "pro-biotic" effect, or a pro-biotic for people, such as Culturelle or Florastor, can be added to the food.

Pepto Bismol, at 1 mL per pound of weight, or Imodium, 1 tablet (2mg) per 60 pounds of weight, may provide some symptomatic relief from the straining and discomfort.
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