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My cat is not feeling well. Nose is dry, lethargic and sleeping

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My cat is not feeling well. Nose is dry, lethargic and sleeping a lot. Doesn’t want to eat much.
How long has your cat not been feeling well? Does he go outside? Is he using the litter box for urine and stool? Any vomiting? Are you able to take his temperature rectally?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
He was fine when he went out yesterday morning. When I got home he looked ok but went to my room and stayed there all night. He goes outside and in the litter box. He did urinate this morning. No vomiting. I'm at work and he is home.
Since he is an outside cat, the first thing I would be concerned with is that he got into a fight with another cat and is developing an abscess (infection) somewhere. That will frequently cause a cat to feel poorly, run a fever, and be lethargic. Other possibilities with an outside cat include eating something that didn't agree with him (plants, dead animals, antifreeze, etc). If he hasn't been tested for feline leukemia and FIV recently, I would be concerned about those viral diseases, too.

I would see how he is doing when you get home from work. Offer him canned food or something else really tempting (tuna, chicken) and see if he eats it. If you can, take his temperature--it should be around 101.5. If he still seems sick, I would take him to your regular vet in the morning for an exam. If he has vomited, won't hardly move, his gums feel dry, and/or his fever is >104, I'd take him to a vet today.

Hope that helps!
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