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I am a licensed wildlife rehabilitator and LVT in NY State

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I am a licensed wildlife rehabilitator and LVT in NY State in need of finding a vet that knows about Opossum/marsupial medicine - especially in regards XXXXX XXXXX Septic Necrosis. An Australian vet perhaps?
Thanks for your question.

I'm not sure what part of NY you are in or whether you are already working at a vet hospital, but there are many, qualified exotic animal veterinarians throughout the state. If you let me know what part you are in, I can possibly give you some referrals. Once you have established a relationship (if you aren't working with a vet currently) with a local vet so you have a vet-client relationship (you will need someone to be able to prescribe medicine etc), I would have your vet contact Dr. Cathy Johnson-Delaney. She is a vet in Washington state and is probably the best known vet in the US who deals with opossums. She works here

Please let me know if you need anything else and I hope your opossum gets better soon.

Dr. G
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I work at Schroon River Animal Hosp in Warrensburg, NY (about 1.5 hrs north of Albany). Dr Brian Landenberger is our wildlife group's cooperating vet, as well as my boss, but has little experience with opossums. All my info is from the National Opossum Society (the late Dr Henness), but Dr L wonders if there is more current info in regards XXXXX XXXXX antibiotics, etc. These animals are unique metabolically. Thanks!

I couldn't find anything really recent either in a quick search I did. Dr. Johnson-Delaney did have an overview of marsupial medicine at the AEMV conference in 2006. She lists the syndrome and only states 'aggressive ab treatment'. Is there a culture pending on this animal? There was one case report of enrofloxacin being successful in a short-tailed opossum. If he has the VCNA, Exotic Pet Practice, there is a a chapter on marsupial therapeutics in the vet. technician issue, 2004. Author is Kathryn Gamble.

I would also try contacting the wildlife group at Cornell. See:

I have a colleague who is an avian/exotic vet and works in Buffalo but I believe she does do a fair amount of wildlife medicine and may have a family member who does wildlife also. Her name isXXXXX and she works at:

Tell her that Dr. Carol Canny referred you to her.

I wish I could do more for you. Please let me know what happens if you can.

Dr. G
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