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Dr. Brian M.
Dr. Brian M., Veterinarian
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I recently found a stray cat. She actually was pregnant and

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I recently found a stray cat. She actually was pregnant and spontaneously aborted 4 fetuses the day after I brought her home. I brought her to the vet and got her her first round of shots, but I'm not sure exactly what they were. He tested her for Feline Leukemia and AIDS and both were negative. She's due for her next round of shots and I was going to bring her to Petco since it's less expensive. Stray animals tend to adopt me so it gets costly. Anyway, she just threw up and it was mostly liquid and quite a few long worms...I think they are roundworms. I have other cats and dogs in the house. So, my questions are: 1) do I have to treat all the animals in the house now? 2) Are they most likely roundworms since they are think and long like spaghetti? 3) Is there an inexpensive way to treat my cats for worms, all kinds of worms?

Thank You,
Hello Deana I am Dr. Brian These definitely sound like roundworm to me. If she has just recently arrived at your house there would be no real need to treat all your pets for the worms. These type of worms are spread by other animals ingesting her feces, so good hygiene is important and frequently changing the litter box to prevent spread of the worms. There are over the counter worm medications available to treat for roundworms. Unfortunately no one product will treat for all types of worms. A fecal exam should be done by your vet to identify all parasites present because some parasites are not worms and need completely different types of treatment (examples are coccidia and giardia).
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks Dr. Brian,

I work with a rescue and we have access to panacur. Does that treat roundworms in cats?

THanks again,
Yes Deana Panacur will absolutely treat roundworms as well as whipworms, giardia, and hookworms and is my parasite treatment of choice. It will not treat coccidia (requires a sulfa drug). For worms it is used once daily for 3 days, repeat in 2 to 3 weeks and for giardia it is given once daily for 5 days and then repeated at 2 to 3 weeks. It comes as a liquid as well as a powder form. If you have access to Revolution this will also treat roundworms.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thank you very much. I do have Revolution for my cats and hadn't put it on the new stray yet. I was just doing my research and realized that it treats the worms as well. THank you so much.
You are most welcome Good luck with your new cat