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I have a 11 year old Akita who has suffered with a yeast infection

Resolved Question:

I have a 11 year old Akita who has suffered with a yeast infection for 2 yrs I think i may have overcome with Cipro 5 wks Ketoconazole 5 wks surigal scrub twice daily Genone spray three times daily The questions are What can I do ongoing to prevent this ? Is this an internal issue or external ? She has another week of drugs During this period of time she has been subject to infections ear,bladder
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Veterinary
Expert:  YourPetVet replied 6 years ago.
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YourPetVet :

Hello, Prevention is in maintenance and treating for any underlying disease which is most likely an underlying allergy. Allergies in dogs are as variable as in people. Dogs can be allergic to food, dust, pollen, molds etc. any time of year or all year long. The allergy can be very mild or severe but in either case they open the door to secondary infections like yeast or bacteria. So the solution is to talk to your vet about potential diet changes, use of antihistamines and daily cleaning or topical treatments of any affected areas to keep the allergies in check and prevent reinfection.

Customer :

Are you saying this can be external As i also changed walk area ? Moved here from wisconsin problem then started

YourPetVet :

Yes, it could be from exposure to the environment. Different plants and new weather patterns can affect having a yeast infection. Like being in a wetter or more extreme temperature changing environment

Customer :

What would you suggest as an on going measure as she comes off drugs shortly If weekly baths are what is needed fine your take on it

YourPetVet :

Clean the ears regularly with a regular or medicated ear cleaner several times a week. Apply ear medication deep into the canals once weekly.

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