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my 8 week old GSD puppy was just diagnosed with MVD. she was

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my 8 week old GSD puppy was just diagnosed with MVD. she was prsecribed atenerol. what outcome or lifespan can i expect?
HI there.

I am so sorry to hear about his diagnosis in your young girl.

This condition is an inherited condition that is more common in the smaller breeds. the fact is that since your girl has been diagnosed with this, this means that the blood coming into her heart to be sent to the rest of the body does not all get out to her body because the valves that stop back flow are not competent to stop this and this back flow occurs. There is a very wide range of how much this will effect your little one because there can be a large back flow or a smaller back flow that will not hurt your girl as much. This is the variable that you need to get your vet t tests for. This will give you a prognosis. It is best to have a Veterinary Cardiologist examine your little one and perform another ultrasound to determine how bad this really is.

Even if this insufficiency is small, this will eventually tax your girl's heart so much because in order to get enough blood to her body, the heart has to work harder and eventually she will suffer from Congestive Heart Failure. This could be in the near future if the condition is severe or it could be much later in life which depends on the severity of this condition.

Many puppies have slight murmurs that will resolve or not be clinically significant. Have your girl checked by a specialist to know for sure what her prognosis will be.

Good Luck!!
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
thank you for your prompt reply. her murmur is a stage 5. hearing the "loud" murmur is what prompted the visit to the cardiologist to get a sonogram. my pup is on medication now and we are scheduled for another sonogram in two weeks. i guess what i'm asking is can the medication help the prognosis? can it minimize the backflow? and if so, is that the best case scenario? does that still mean a shortened lifespan? can i have a normal lifespan with my puppy? or do you think inevitably I'm looking at months or even weeks with my puppy? what is your opinion on the outlook? your honesty is greatly appreciated. thanks.
Thanks for the extra information. This murmur could be extremely serious and there may not be enough blood getting to your puppies essential organs and this could shorten his lifespan. The medication Atenolol is aimed at keeping the heart slow and in a good rhythm. If the amount of backflow is very large, your puppies heart may not be able to maintain her bodies functions and this would only give her a short time to live, unfortunately. There is no medication that will stop the back flow so all your specialist can treat for is the damage that this condition will do to her heart.

I wish I could give you a better prognosis but this amount of back flow will not be compatible, with a long life and I would not expect your puppy to be able to survive to adulthood.....Your cardiologist will give you a better idea after the second ultrasound so don't worry too much yet....
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
thank you so very much.
You are very welcome!!

If your puppy is a purebred, ask the breeder of they have had any others with this condition....this is hereditary.

I have my fingers crossed for your little girl!!