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I have a very old cat that the last couple of days has started

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I have a very old cat that the last couple of days has started smelling bad. She has been having bouts of not eating at all and then eating non stop. Sporadic Diarreah also. I am already planning on taking her to the vet tomorow, but I wondered if there is anything I can do overnight or any no-no's as I don't want to make things worse.
Any advice would be appreciated.
Hi there.

This smell may come from her mouth and it may help to purchase a peroxide toothpaste at the pet store that you will put on your finger and try to spread on her gums. If this is gum disease, this will help.

Since she is eating sporadically, purchase Nutrical at the pet store. This is a high calorie supplement that when giving a dose of this every 4 hrs on her nose, will give her the nutrients that she will need to get past this condition. If the diarrhea has become bad, you can give her Imodium AD 1/4 of a 2 mg caplet every 8 hrs.

Do NOT give her aspirin or any other over the counter pain reliever since these are all toxic for your old friend.

For now, this is about all you can do for your girl until your vet can examine her. She may be suffering from Liver Disease or an Intestinal Lymphoma but only an exam can tell you for sure.

Good Luck!!
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