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Hi, I have a small breed dog, about 10 years old. Ive only

Resolved Question:

Hi, I have a small breed dog, about 10 years old. I've only had her about a year. She's always had a intermintent cough. It doesn't seem to cause her distress. She has been seem by a vet for other check-ups. She had a dental, she had booster shots, and has been tested for heartworm. I give her heartworm preventative, but it may be longer then a month, maybe six weeks if I forget to dose at the month point. She has some arthritus in her neck and we give her Previcox every day and she has responded really well. She also has a rain/thunder phobia. We give her Acepromazine, half a pill. It has helped her shaking and panting to improve. She still paces and sometimes goes to several spots until she finds one she feel safe in. The dose for the arthritus med is a quarter of a pill. She weights ten pounds. She is walked often. There are times she sounds like she has phlem in her throat, almost an ashma type sound. She doesn't act as though she is short of breath. Thanks for the help. Julia and Tug
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Veterinary
Expert:  Dr. Loretta replied 6 years ago.
HI there, Julia!

This condition could be due to a mildly collapsed trachea. This is common in the smaller breeds and this is difficult to diagnose since the trachea has rings that are not string and sometimes, they will collapse making this cough.

There is also a possibility that Tug may have scar tissue from a prior respiratory infection. This scar tissue will cause an intermittent irritation that causes this cough.

A cough is also the first sign of Congestive Heart Failure and because of Tug's age, this is also a possibility. The best thing to do if his continues or gets worse especially, is to have your vet run x rays and an EKG to determine what is causing this. If Tug has a collapsing trachea that gets worse, there is medication to help open the airways.

If this continues to be minor and not causing any other symptoms such as difficulty breathing she probably has scar tissue that will not cause her any harm.

Good Luck, Julia and Tug!!
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