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I have a Rat Terrier, he is very skinny. My neighbors even

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I have a Rat Terrier, he is very skinny. My neighbors even make comments, I buy him the best quality foods, he sees the vet once a year and he is on worm meds that he takes once a month. His coat is shinny his eyes are bright and he is always digging around the 32 acres we own. He can catch rabbits and squirels and climb trees after birds. What can I do to fatten him up just a little?
Hi there.

Most likely, due to genetics, your guy has a very high metabolic rate or a condition called Hyperthyroidism which your vet can diagnose. With this condition, treatment is available to decrease this metabolic rate and then he will gain weight. Also, if he is not neutered, the testosterone will keep him thin.

Now, the best way to help him gain wight is by adding Omega 3 fatty acids to his food daily. This supplement called Vitacoat or Derm Caps will help keep weight on and add calories. I would also suggest that you add a product called Nutrical to his food as well. This can be purchased at the pet store as the other products and this is a high calorie supplement that will add calories. It may help, also to add a feeding such as feeding him 3 times a day rather than once or twice a day.

Good Luck!!
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
He has been nuetered and my vet did check to see if he has hyperthyroidism. I know what this is because I have hypothyroidism. I leave his food out all the time and he is a grazer, eating a little all day long. I will try the supplements you suggest. thankyou so much.
Good for you!!

Since he has been checked for these other things, he probably has a genetic fast metabolic rate and he just needs more calories.

Have a Great Day!!
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