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Dr. Drew
Dr. Drew, Veterinarian
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Our Australian Shepard,Reno, has been shedding heavily daily

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Our Australian Shepard,Reno, has been shedding heavily daily . We recently moved from Missouri to Colorado (within the past month) Also, we switched his dry dog food from Iams to BIL.JAC and Blue Buffalo with a little Alpo canned food for taste. He also seems to sneeze after he finishes eating (I feed him 2/3 cup dry in the morning and the same in the late afternoon. He scratches a lot,but do not see any fleas on Reno. What are your thoughts on this? Reno is a larger Australian Shepard. He's about 22 inches tall and weighs about 48-50 pounds.
Chat Conversation Started
Drew :

Hi, thanks for your question regarding Reno. Where are the most itchy areas on his body?

Customer :

Hi Drew, thank you for responding to my question about Reno. He's been chewing on his feet , and scratches around his ears and back of his neck mostly. His stool movement was a little loose two days ago in the morning,but by yesterday it was normal and firm. He had vomited once three days ago. We let his stomach rest and did not feed Reno till the next morning. Could this be something he picked up? A food allergy? What are your thoughts on this. Please help.

Drew :

Thanks for the reply. A food allergy seems like a likely explanation for itchy feet and ears, and given the recent diet change, that seems like a reasonable direction to go in first. It would be a good test to change back to the old food that Reno was eating, for a few months, to see if these problems subside. If so, then you've got a diagnosis of food allergy. If, however, there's no improvement, then this may be an environmental allergy as a result of the recent move to Colorado, and you may need to try using antihistamines and fatty acid supplements, which can help reduce itching in a fair percentage of dogs.

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