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My dog was recently diagnosed with diabetes and is currently

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My dog was recently diagnosed with diabetes and is currently on insulin. She is doing well. My question is food. My local veterinarian recommended a high fiber food which she absolutely will not eat, no matter how it is disguised. Is there a commercial food which would equal the nutritional content of "Hills" WD prescription food?


I am not particularly actually going to even recommend a high fiber food.

I would actually talk to your about doing a food that is actually designed for diabetes.

That would include Science Diet M/D or Purina DM diets.

If your vet carries neither, ask for a written prescription and you can simply get it from someone else. These foods are literally formulated to help deal with diabetes, including the restricted carbohydrate content. That is what I would do.



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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Does Purina DM require a Rx?