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This morning we woke up to see a Red Spot on our 4 year old

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This morning we woke up to see a Red Spot on our 4 year old goldfish, near its one gill. The fish is acting normal, but i'm concernced. I will be going to the fish store today to get the water tested. Should I purchase something there for this condition?
The fish is alone in a 10 gallon tank. He measures about 7 inches long (big fish). the spot is located about 1/2 inch directly behind his eye on the gill.
Is the spot on the gill or the operculum (gill covering).
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Hi Dr. Stafford,

The spot is on the flap of the gill --- not in or on the opening of the gill. So I guess that would be the gill covering. It has not gotten worse or better since this morning and it is now 10:13 pm (e.s.t.)

Thanks for helping me with this.

Sores on the outside are usually bacterial in nature. This can be edwardsiella, mycobacteria (no treatment) or aeromonas. Treat with baytril injections at 5mg/kg every third day. It could be fungal as well so add a salt dip every third day in at least 10ppt salt water.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Since this is a goldfish, I can't see giving it a baytril injection.

I have Melafix antibacterial fish remedy which i already added to the tank water.

It says to does once for 7 days - then change the water.

I recently added water to the tank and think this may have caused the red spot......however I did treat the tap water with a water conditioner as I always do.

The spot is the same as yesterday (not worse, not better).

Melafix probably will not fix this problem but it certainly will not hurt. Try the salt dips, often this is all that is needed. good luck
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