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My dog has been itching himself for nearly two weeks. At first

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My dog has been itching himself for nearly two weeks. At first i tried a bath trying to see if it was dry skin, I cant see anything on him. Now he is wining, wont calm down and his face is swelled. He is itching his whole body. ANy ideas as to how help ease him for the night? and as to what it might be?
To get him through the night, you might want to try some over-the-counter Benadryl. It may help relive some of the itching and swelling as well as provide some mild sedation.

For your dog's size, a good starting dose would be half of a 25mg tablet.

Have you seen the facial swelling before? What you describe certainly sounds like allergies, but facial swelling typically occurs with an acute reaction such as a bug bite or bee sting.

Hope that helps!
Dr. Paul
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

He has tore up his legs, stomach, and back over the past week itching himself, and no the swelling is new. He bit his back and took out hair. Could that still be allergies?


I will certainly try some allergy meds. thank you.

Yes, certainly sounds like severe allergies. These are often related to food or can be seasonal with whatever is blowing around. The benadryl will likely help, but many dogs with severe allergies need something stronger like an oral steroid.

Other possibilities for severe itching would be flea allergies or mites. Is he on a preventative?

Good luck!
Dr. Paul
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

He is not on a perventative. I could not find any fleas or mights, and my other small dog shares non of the symptoms.


Would I get something stronger at my vet? or can I get it from a store?

OK, if both dogs are not affected, then it is unlikely to be fleas or mites.

If he needs something stronger, you would have to get it from your veterinarian. There are some topical steroid cremes sold over-the counter, but he will likely need an oral version which is only available from a veterinarian.
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