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We are raising 4 Eastern Grey Squirrels, 1 female and 3 males.

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We are raising 4 Eastern Grey Squirrels, 1 female and 3 males. Their nest came down in a really bad storm about 22 days ago. We weren't sure how old they were at the time...but judging from when their bottom teeth came in, we are approximating about 29 days old today.
Their upper incisors have just broken through their gums, one of the males eyes opened yesterday and they should be starting to nom on things soon.
What is a good first teething food?
I know some sites say rodent blocks...but we are releasing these little guys not keeping we'd like to stick to a more natural dietary option while providing the necessary calcium they need in their diet.


Squirrels will pretty much nibble on whatever they find. You can try offering them firmer foods that break into pieces such as crackers initially, then then might like to chew on other things such as carrot sticks. Offer them a variety of foods so they are getting full nutrition once they are off the formula. Also check around the area you plan on releasing them and offer them whatever fruits or nuts they will have available there so they can get used to those options.

Make sure while you are caring for them you limit the amount you handle them as much as possible. It is hard early on when they need formula, but as they are eating solid foods get them outside as soon as possible in an enclosed cage where they can be safe but see the outdoors and get used to being out in the weather a little more. The bigger the area they have the better. Just slip the food and water in there and keep the interaction to a minimum. If you are planning on releasing them in your own yard leave the cage there open for a little while so they can come and go. A friend of mine has had a lot of success using this method of releasing the squirrels she's raised.

Thank you for your question. -J Bache, DVM

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I am the only one who ineracts with the right now and only at feeding time.

They are still on formula...but one has started to gum on my fingers a bit. Since they have no cheek teeth yet and won't for awhile I worried about the type of nibbles they could safely have!

We are currently working on a cage and nesting box setup we can move outdoors and then to the release area for them! Right now they are still pretty immoble and we are just getting ready to move them to a carrier size pen for more room!

Excellent, It sounds like with your set up you are doing everything right. Offer foods to chew on like the biter biscuits for human babies that allow some chewing but will dissolve with saliva. Also, steamed and softened vegetables so again they chew but not in large pieces.

J Bache, DVM
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