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I have a 12 year old beagle that has an alp count of over 589.

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I have a 12 year old beagle that has an alp count of over 589. She has had a complete blood work done that showed everything as being normal except the alp count. She seems very health and energetic but is incontinent when she is sitting or laying down. I have been giving her milk thistle for the last month and we have good days and bad as far as the incontinence. Any ideas on what medications would be helpful and can her alp count be lowered. She does have fatty tumors and is sometimes bloated but the bloating doesn't seem to correlate with the incontinence.
Hello, I'm Dr. Bob.
When you wrote that she's incontinent, is that urinary incontinence or fecal?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Okay, thank you!
The urinary incontinence can be treated using phenylpropanolamine 12.5 to 50 mg two or three times daily. Your veterinarian should be able to prescribe this medication for you.
Silbinin and silymarin, extracts of the milk thistle are also thought to be of some help in supporting the liver as it heals itself.
An increased alkaline phosphatase can be caused by other things besides liver disease, including gall bladder disease, drug administration, or osteosarcoma somewhere in the body.
If this enzyme stays elevated, the cause of its elevation should be located and treated.
If I may be of further assistance to you, please let me know.
Dr. Bob
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
what types of tests would be necessary to determine the cause of the elevated alp
Hello again!
If, the next time blood testing is done, the ALP should remain elevated, the next step would be radiographs and/or ultrasounds, particularly of the gall bladder and liver region.
Radiographs of the skeleton could possibly reveal any osteosarcomas present, but these can be hard to find in the body.
If you should have further questions, please let me know.
Dr. Bob
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