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There is a stray cat living behind my house. I dont think

Resolved Question:

There is a stray cat living behind my house. I don't think anyone owns its because a few weeks ago i noticed that it ad been wounded somehow. I started feeding it daily, although it still won't let me close enough to bring him to the vet. I am feeding a mix of dry and wet food with a little fish oil for his coat. The cat seemed very healthy and young up until this point, now he has a bit of a limp.

He or She, seems to be getting better, and I got a good look at the wounds the other day, one of them was scabbed over. Despite this, one of the wounds has started oozing, you can see the ooze dripping down his side a little. I am now more concerned, but unable to get near this cat. Is there any type of anti biotic I can put in his food without a vet seeing him?

If I have to, I suppose I can try to capture him, but don't want to traumatize or uproot him when I don't have anywhere safe to take him. I have a large dog in my home.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Veterinary
Expert:  Dr. Jeff replied 7 years ago.

The limp and the oozing are likely related to the an abscess. These are common problems with feral cats. Because this cat will be tough for your to handle, you may have to try to use a live trap (animal control or your vet clinic may have one to borrow). There is no over the counter antibiotic that I can recommend at this stage. It is standard of practice to have the animal seen before an drug is prescribed. However, some vets will let this slide in situations like this so it will not hurt to ask. If you are able to catch him, your vet will also be able to clean up this wound as well as use oral or injectable antibiotics. I hope this helps and gives you direction.


Dr. Jeff

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