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Dr. Coldiron
Dr. Coldiron, Veterinarian
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my dog is just laying around & has a very hard belly. I took

Resolved Question:

my dog is just laying around & has a very hard belly. I took her to the vet 7 days ago and he said it was her joints and annal glands. He took care of her with a shot for inflamation expessed her annal glans & gave her a antibiactic to take. She got alot better. Now she is just like before. Help
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Veterinary
Expert:  Dr. Coldiron replied 7 years ago.

Hello...I'm Dr. Coldiron and I will attempt to help you with your veterinary question! A hard belly and anal glands do not go hand in hand. What breed is your dog? What age? Sounds like she could have some type of abdominal issue (mass, twisted stomach, intussesseption, or possibly back pain), maybe intervertebral disk disease, or others. Was the steroid for back pain? Are the anal glands infected? Why the antibiotic? Are you keeping her on any type of pain medication or joint supplement? Send me more information and we'll see if we can't figure this out!


Best Regards,


Dr. Coldiron

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