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Dr. Coldiron
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We have had chickens for a month ,two have died of coccidios

Customer Question

We have had chickens for a month ,two have died of coccidios we gave the others medication but we didnt know if the others had it yet .We used Baycox in there water for five days.If we didnt know if they had the disease and we still gave them Baycox would this off made the chickens ammune even if they didnt have it .They have been of it for 15 days now and another chicken maybe showing signs of it would this be possible ?? Also becuase we have there wings clipped how high can they still fly because they are on an island and we dont wont them to drown if they got out.The fence is four foot shall we make it bigger ? Is there any other food we can give them to prevent coccidios I am aware that they only get it once but we dont want anymore chooks to die because my family and I have grown very close to them .
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Veterinary
Expert:  Dr. Coldiron replied 7 years ago.

Hello...I'm Dr. Coldiron and I will attempt to help you with your veterinary question! Treating all of them with Baycox should not cause a problem. You might consider doing this for five days, waiting ten days then treating again for five days. I don't believe that it will make them immune to coccidiosis, as most pets can become reinfected by ingesting the oocysts (eggs).


Dr. Coldiron