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Im a returning customer with my cat Little Miss. Shes about

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I'm a returning customer with my cat Little Miss. She's about 10 years now, very small domestic shorthair. About 2 months ago ( I also used this service at that time with GREAT GREAT SUCCESS) she was diagnosed with Hyperthyrodism after losing weight down to 4.5lbs (she's a tiny cat). My vet ran full blood workup and also the T4 panel and that showed the Hyper part. Her other blood work up showed everything ok. We started her on Transdermal Methimazole 0.05ml 2 times each day, in the ear.

She responded greatly, returned to her old self, rested normally (no rapid breathing while resting) eat normally (good), began talking again, and put on 1.2 lbs over the first 1.5 months. I maticulously write down the treatment times each day and feed her kitten food and wet food she loves. The other day, Friday7/30, I was sick in the morning and didn't give her treatment until about 11:30 am (normally 7-8am) the dosed her again at night 7:00 pm as normally I do. Then yesterday I gave her am dose at 8:30 am. Another point I think you should know is that her first med prescription had the syringes marked with tiny lines that I was taught by my Vet ( he's just great and really cares, we
love him). The newest prescription came with different tubes and larger marks and is really harder to judge and it seems I may have given her slightly too much over a short period. I read the marks with a magnifing glass (my eyes are not so good) ad have some judgement memory of the amount is just a small amount 0.05, but I'm sure now that I may have overdosed her some, my fault, and I'm just sick about it.

Yesterday we noticed that she was just sitting in the same spot, didn't eat ANYTHING, i MEASURE AND FEED HER SEPERATELY, (have 3 other cats and 1 dog). Shes withdrawn, won't drink, won't eat all night, I slept with her all night and checked every moment I could. Her eyes look funny with the inner lid coming up about 1/2 way with her eyes open. So Yesterday at 5pm I immediately called my Vet and he responded from home right away and told me she probably has built up or has a toxic level of meds in her and to skip her next treatment and see if she bounces back in the morning to normal.

Well it's morning and her condition doesn't appear any different except shes a little more relaxed and sleeping, still lathargic, not moving much, with drawn and won't even take a lick of milk from a spoon which she normally loves. My question is this, It's morning now and I'm very very scared that she may be in Renal failure (I've delt with this twice before, lost the battle once and won the battle once and that cat is still doing great and subq treatments ended 2.5 years ago), so I deathly scared of this. Is it just a little too much to think my Little Miss would rebound according to the clock or should or could it take a little more time.

I would rush her to emergency vet right now if needed, even if not neede. I would take her to my vet very early tomorrow none the less. Please respond if you can. I love my animals and will go to the end of the earth for them and any animal.

Hope someone can help me understand why she's just suddenly not eating or drinking.

This could be from a high blood level of methimazole, but renal failure and other issues are also possible. The transdermal gel is a great way to treat cat with this problem, there can be some variabilty to the rate of absorption. Whether she was hyperthyroid or not, I would still suggest a vet visit even if it is for some hydration. Of course, a simple blood test could reveal renal issues, but the other concern with older cats are other organ issues and of course cancer (lymphoma being the most common). I think your situation calls for the ER trip unless you vet will see you. At the vey least if you have a couple of these basic tests done and everything is okay, you will have peace of mind. If the vet visit is not possible you can try to hydrate with a 50/50 mix of pedialyte and water. I hope this helps and gives you direction. Good luck. This stuff always seems to happen on weekends doesn't it.
Dr Jeff
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