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Dr. Brian M.
Dr. Brian M., Veterinarian
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We adopted a dog from the humane society about 21/2 weeks ago.

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We adopted a dog from the humane society about 21/2 weeks ago. She is 1 yr. old. We crate her when we leave the house or when we have things to do without her help. She always wants one of us in sight. Twice now we have crated her and put locks on the gates and have found her waiting for us at the door when we get home. Apparently she bangs around in the crate so much that she popped the locks off the gate. We are going on a business trip this week and were planning on taking her with us. We are booked at a pet-friendly hotel. Our concern is that when we leave the hotel with her locked in her crate that she will put up such a ruckus that they will ask us to leave the hotel. We have thought about boarding her but are concerned for the same problem. What about use of tranquilizers when we have to crate her when we will be gone?
Good morning I am Dr. Brian. It sounds like your dog suffers from separation anxiety. This is not uncommon in shelter dogs (I have even had to deal with this in one of my own dogs in the past). There is behavioral treatment that can help and often medication is used (Clomicalm is a common one). In the mean time for your upcoming trip I would certainly consider the use of a sedative tranquilizer to try and calm her during your absence. A very commonly used drug is called acepromazine and is safe to use twice a day for this type of situation. It is not a drug I would use if your dog has a seizure disorder otherwise is is a very useful drug for calming a dog after surgery during recovery, pets in travel situations or as in your case of an anxious dog in a motel room.
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