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My three year old cat Callie, since yesterday morning and perhaps

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My three year old cat Callie, since yesterday morning and perhaps Friday night has secluded herself in my clothes closet. I thought she went out and something awful happened to her. She came out of the closet last night and was not active at all. She would walk a few steps and then rest on her haunched paws. I gave her some solid food that she likes. She ate a bit. Went back into the closet. She came out of the closet last night and still layed around. No activity at all. This morning she is laying on the sofa. It is Sunday and no vets except emergency hospitals are available. I want to wait until tomorrow morning to take her to the vet. Am I doing the right thing? I fear feline leukemia because she is an inside/outside cat. Please advise. Rita Pearson
HI Rita.

Because of Callie's young age, this behavior is telling us that she may be running a fever and this is causing her to hide. Check her all over feeling for any small scab or lesion that would indicate an injury perhaps from a fight with another cat. If you find something,, apply hot compresses for 5 minutes every 4 hrs. This will help draw the infection to the outside.

If you cannot find anything significant, find a rectal thermometer and take her temperature, Normal is 101 and anything over 104 is significant and tells us that she is running a fever probably from an infection somewhere. Unfortunately, there is no over the counter medication that can be given to Callie safely so you will have to wait to see your vet.

Good Luck, Rita!!
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Regarding the hot compresses, where on her body do I place them. Do I soak a wash cloth or towel in hot water then wring it out. Should I put them on top of or on her underside where I think the heat would do the most good? When she was nursing kittens 2.5 years ago she had impacted breast glands and I applied hot towels to the area and she seemed to get much relief from that. Thanks so much for your help. I will definitely take her to the vet tomorrow. I suspected a fever myself. I just felt all over her body and don't feel any lesions. I did cup my hand over her head and it is warm.
Hi again.

Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you!

use the hot compresses which would be a hot towel that was wrung out only if you find a lesion. If you do not find any scabs, then just wait until tomorrow. If she does not want to eat, give her a dose of Nutrical every 4 hrs. This is a high calorie supplement that will give her the nutrients that she needs to fight this off. This can be purchased at the pet store.

take her to your vet in the morning...

Have a Great Day!!
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
This morning Callie ate a half a can of the wet food she likes. She seems to be almost back to her normal self. My car is at the shop, so getting her to the vet today is not possible. I hope waiting one more day or two -- I have medical transport assignments tomorrow and Wed -- will not be endangering her. When it rains it pours.

She came downstairs about a half hour ago and ate some fry food. She wants to go out but I am not letting her out. Sorry about the delay in responding, it's been a hellish morning.
No worries, Rita!

I am thrilled that Callie is feeling better. This situation may have resolved on its own. This is a very good sign that she is eatimg and of this resolves on its own, you will not have to take the time to take her to the vet.

just keep an eye on her and you will know, Rita what will be best for her.

have a Great Day even though it has not started off well! At least Callie is seemingly better....
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I have one more question then I will accept your answer and I know it's a hard one to answser if you don't do tests on an animal, but could there be anything else other than an infection which would cause Callie to be so lethargic for the two days? I always fear feline leukemia because all my cats were born feral and they go outside but most of the time spend overnight inside. They always come home. I have four. I haven't had the leukemia shots given them. Having four cats is very expensive and I pray they will not come home with something which will kill them.
No worries, Rita!

Most often leukemia will show up as a respiratory infection so Callie would show coughing sneezing and/or runny eyes. This does not appear to be the case, so she probably picked up a mild infection somewhere but not leukemia.
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