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my 1yr old male cat (not neutered) has started to pee in the

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my 1yr old male cat (not neutered) has started to pee in the carpet. i don't see him do it, but i can smell it. the urine sometimes it looks like it has blood, im not sure. he does use his litter box too, but most of the time he just smells itand walks away. also i've notice that he licks his area alot. what can be wrong with him?
Hi there,
Unfortunately it sounds like your kitty should have a urine analysis performed by a veterinarian. One very common cause of what you are describing is a urinary tract infection. Another would be crystal build-up in the urinary bladder that causes irritation and sometimes blood. These crystals can lead to stones that can actually completely obstruct the urethra and cause severe pain and irritation. Crystals can often be found on the urine analysis sample, but sometimes in cases of severe bloody urine an abdominal xray may be required for diagnosis. I would also suggest adding an additional litter box to the home and use the product Zero Odor (an enzymatic cleaner) to property remove the smell from the carpets (because just because we cannot smell it, often cats still can). If medical causes are ruled out, behavioral issues may be an issue and the pheromone Feliway (a diffuser) will sometimes assist. I hope this helps :)
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
are there treatments for this problems? if so, how efficient are they? and can i still with him neutered even if he is 1+ year old in human years?
Yes, a UTI is treated with basic antibiotics and crystals are typically formed by a disruption of the PH of the urine and a dietary change is the best form of treatment to dissolve them. Stones can sometimes be dissolved with a combination of special food and antibiotics; other times they need to be surgically removed. Neutering him is a good idea and it is never too late- 1 year of age is fine to perform this procedure but I would suggest a urine analysis before placing him under anesthesia.
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