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Dr Will
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My cat, Russian Blue, 13 yr old male, has had minor issues

Resolved Question:

My cat, Russian Blue, 13 yr old male, has had minor issues with periodic sneezing producing pleghm from the nose. Over the last few days his sneezing is several (5+) times in a row and producing alot of phlegm from the nose (snot) and today the left eye is watering. I do have a supply of clavimox here at home. He eats well, no issues with elimination, still animated and affectionate. No excessive sleeping nor vomiting. Body temperature is fine
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Veterinary
Expert:  Dr Will replied 7 years ago.

Hi and Welcome to Just Answer!


Thank you for your post.


May I ask?


1) does he have periodic episodes like this?

2) does he usually respond to antibiotics?


I will watch for your answers.


Dr. Will



Customer: replied 7 years ago.

1) No. It has been a recent issue. Initial sneezing approx. 6 months. Phlegm began within a few months, progressed over the last 2 days.


2) He has never been on antibiotics

Expert:  Dr Will replied 7 years ago.

Hi again,


Thank you for the info.


There are several possibilities here. Since this has been going on for 6 months and now there is phlegm and I would suggest a vet exam. The possibilities are:


1) Allergies

2) Latent Herpes

3) Sinusitis


Your vet will probably cover bases by giving a long acting steroid and keep him on antibiotics. In addition, a lysine supplement (made as an oral gel for cat) may help.


I hope this helps.


Dr. Will


Customer: replied 7 years ago.

sinusitis- already on antibiotics

latent herpies- not probable

allergies- quite possible and what are some options there?


I am western medically trained and naturopathically trained (acually that would be a double Dr. and I am not inclined toward upsetting the animal nor subjecting him toward multiple tests (guess work) at his expense. Thank you for your advisement and it falls far short of what I was looking for and have been given prior from this site. I'm sure you are exceptional at what you do and I do understand (overstand) you can't make absolutes. I was looking for answers to those possibilities you suggested, or direction/ ideas as to how to treat all of the above possibilites you thought. I would take it from there. My animals are my responsibility and I was looking for someone that would add to my "arsenal", have the committment and strength to step out on a limb. After all, you are not held responsible for your advisement. It's just suggestions. If you would like to step forward and do that, I would appreciate that. Thank you

Expert:  Dr Will replied 7 years ago.

Hi again,


1) Actually latent herpes is a strong possibility.. think of it like shingles in people. The herpes virus is introduced early in life with or without symptoms and lays latent until the animal ages and immunity wanes.


The number one cause of sneezing and sinusitis in cats is herpes. The virus invades the mucous membranes and can cause chronic erosive lesions in the sinuses.


If this is latent herpes, lysine orally and hyper-immunizing with intranasal FVR vaccine are most helpful. Antibiotics are only helpful as adjunctive therapy for the inevitable secondary bacterial infection. Herpes tends to be chronic (like shingles) and waxes and wanes in symptoms. However, once sinusitis sets up, it is rarely cured and difficult to control.


2) Another cause of sneezing and runny noses in cats is chlamydia -- antibiotics is the treatment of choice. Clavamox is ok, doxicycline is better.


3) Allergies. If this is allergies, then it should respond quickly to cortisone. This would be a diagnosis based on clinical response. A single dose of depomedrol given IM would make a huge difference if this is allergy. If on the other hand, it is herpes, steroids would probably not help and may reduce resistance further -- so close observations would be important. A single steroid injection would not be dangerous for the herpes, but if it didn't give dramatic results, I would lean towards thinking this is herpes.


I hope I have helped and answered your question. I am willing to work at clarifying something if I need to.


Dr. Will


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