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my dog keeps biting at her butt. I had her glands expressed

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my dog keeps biting at her butt. I had her glands expressed two weeks ago. I gave her worm pills in accordance to her weight. She has had regular bowl movements but it is like something is biting her and she is continually looking back.
Hi there.

If her anal glands were still impacted, she would also be rubbing her rear on the floor as well as biting. Most likely she was bitten by an insect or has fleas that congregate at her rear end. Both of these are allergic reactions. Look at her VERY closely to see if she has any fleas. If there are some, purchase a good flea and tick shampoo and bath her in this.

then purchase Benadryl and give her 1 mg benadryl per pound of her weight given every 12 hrs for 5-7 days. If this is an allergic reaction, then this will resolve in this period of time.

If she continues to do this, your vet will have to examine her. She may require something stronger.

Good Luck!!
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Sorry to bug you but I had to laugh when I saw your question because my own dog has had this same thing the past few days. I believe that he has been bitten by Doctor Flies that are common here in the Caribbean and I can even feel the small bites. The benadryl helped him.....I hope it will help your gal.