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I have a pot bellied pig that needs to be sedated in order

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I have a pot bellied pig that needs to be sedated in order to trim her feet which have grown very long. I cannot find a vet in my area that is willing to help. I can trim her feet myself and i can give her intramuscular medication. Any suggestions?
Hi there,

You will have to get a vet to dispense you the intramuscular medication to sedate her. Unfortunately there isn't anything over the counter you can buy that will do the trick.

Most vets however, will not dispense medication without seeing the patient first. So, if they are unwilling to see your pig, you likely will have a hard time getting a script.

Sorry, pigs are difficult patients. You may get lucky and find a vet to give you the medication.

How much does your pig weigh?

What have you tried already to get the feet trimmed?

Dr. Hinson
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hi ,

My pig weighs about 130 lbs, 2 years old, and otherwise healthy. She gets a diet of mini-pig pellets and assorted fresh fruits and veggies. I have been able to trim her feet once by rubbing her belly and until she fell asleep. She was fine that time but she hasn't let me do it since. She is a one woman pig and will push strangers out of the barn. I know her feet are sore. Is there a pain med I could give her? Maybe if her feet weren't tender she would let me trim her. I have a vet who would give me the medication for an intramuscular. I think he may be concerned about the dosage. I need something to put her out for about 15 minutes. Are there concerns with the waking up process?



Hi Janice,

Well if you could get the medication from your vet to sedate her that is going to be your best bet. It is less trauma for everyone involved (including the pig) to have her asleep while you are performing any procedure.

Your vet can look up dosages for medications in any veterinary formulary. If he is a member of VIN (an online network of vets to talk about cases) then he could get dosage information there as well. Most vets that work on pigs use a mixture of Telazol, Xylazine and Ketamine. This will usually knock them out for up to an hour. It is hard to say how long she will sleep as each body reacts differently to the medication. Usually with that drug combination they wake up without much incident however, they can be very groggy and disoriented so it is recommend they be placed somewhere safe to recover where they can't harm themselves, people or destroy objects (like a stall in a barn).

You can try to give her Ascriptin (aspirin with the maalox coating) 325mg tablets 1-2 tablets twice daily for the pain. You definitely need the maalox coated kind as aspirin by itself can be very irritating to the stomach lining and can cause severe ulcers. I would start with 2 tablets twice a day for a few days and if she is doing better try to decrease the dose to 1 twice a day and if she still seems OK on that dose try to go to 1 day. You always want them on the lowest effective dose.

I hope this helps. Best of luck!

Dr. Hinson
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