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My dog (a greyhound) tried to jump into my car, and banged

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My dog (a greyhound) tried to jump into my car, and banged the top of his head. It split, and looks raw - but did not cut deep enough to bleed. I assume, like a human head injury, the skin is tight there. It is spreading the fur, and over the last two days is increasing in size. It is now about 1/4 inch wide, and 1 inch long. Again - not bleeding, but concerns me.

I put neosporin on it, just in case. Anything I should worry about? Anything I should be doing? Does he need to go see the Vet? It doesn't seem like it would need stitches - because, again, it isn't bleeding. And his behavior is fine. Please advise.

Thank you.


I am sorry to hear what happened.

Without a doubt, he needs to see a vet for sure. Considering the nature of what happened, and the fact that it is increasing in size over 2 additional days, it should be evaluated. He may still need antibiotics, and most certainly would benefit from a good non-steroidal anti-inflammatory from the vet.

Also, the neosporin may be insufficient to prevent infection, and that is why oral antibiotics may be necessary.

Worth the checkup for sure.

Good Luck

Dr. Andy

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I don't mean any offense, but your answer was basically useless. I am asking for an explanation of what could be happening, and whether it is serious - and your answer is to go to a vet. Seriously? You are not providing ANY medical information - I could freaking say "go to a vet". The injury is NOT bleeding. There is NO change in the animals behavior. The fur is spreading away from the injury - but there is no open wound. I have raised 5 kids, and coached hundreds of others. I have dealt with multiple major emergencies, and near death injuries. I wanted an educated, intelligent, informed explanation of the possible situation. Not "go to a vet". That's lazy.

Hi there-


Since you have opted out the other expert helping you, I will attempt to answer. I agree with Dr. Andy's suggestion that a trip to your vet may be worthwhile, especially if this continues to get worse. Often times, when trauma has occurred, the real extent of the injury isn't seen for a couple of days. I get this a lot with burns and falling events. The skin can take some time to respond to the trauma, often with the death of hair follicles and reddening of the skin as inflammatory cells make their way to the site. If this wound is superficial, like you say, and not actually open to the surface you can get away with not having oral antibiotics. Instead of neosporin, I might recommend you purchasing an antibiotic cream from your local store. I can't think of anything you might have to worry about unless there is extensive damage under the skin, including the potential for a concussion or a fractured skull. This is less likely if the area isn't painful to the touch. Often, the worse thing that comes out of this, is that the hair may not completely grow back. If you do not feel your dog is acting differently, then I would suggest continuing to monitor him and go to your vet if the situation changes.


I hope that helps!

Dr. B

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SmAnimalVet, Veterinarian
Category: Veterinary
Satisfied Customers: 1111
Experience: Practicing vet with focus on advanced medicine and surgery.
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