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Dr. Andy
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Hello, my 2 yr old cat Charlie has feline stomatitis. In January

Resolved Question:

Hello, my 2 yr old cat Charlie has feline stomatitis. In January we had all his back teeth removed, leaving the fangs and front teeth in as they didn't seem to be affected. Charlie did great for a few months, but just this past week I noticed he had some pain again after eating so we went back to the vet yest, and the inflammation has returned. The vet gave him a shot of a steroid I think, and gave me interferon to give him (he's only had one dose so far, yesterday# XXXXX an antiseptic oral gel #biotene# XXXXX trip to the vet was yesterday, but today Charlie has been sleeping a lot and is barely eating. He is not himself. Tomorrow I'm supposed to give him his second dose of interferon in his food, but since he is barely eating I'm not sure how I'll give this to him. My question is #1# XXXXX I have the remainder of his teeth extracted, will this clear things up for Charlie and #2) will he be okay to leave it till after Easter wekend i.e. this Monday? or should I take him to emerg? thks
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Veterinary
Expert:  Dr. Andy replied 7 years ago.


Well, a few comments.

First, "correct" extractions on that number of teeth by a general practice vet can be difficult. So, I am concerned they did not properly extract some of those teeth and may have simply burred off the tops hoping there would be no continued issue. That's my first concern. Second, at 2 years of age, I am not sure I would have even agreed to multiple extractions as the solution.


My point:

You really need to get him evaluated sooner than later, because I am concerned about underlying pain and/or oral infection.

At least have the ER vet address the immediate issues.


Next, use the ER vet to get a recommendation to see a veterinary dental specialist. Trust me, you will regret not taking your pet to a dental specialist for a second opinion and to review what has already been done to the mouth.


No, extraction of the remaining teeth may not correct the problem, because I am concerned about the condition of some of the previous extraction sites.


You can even use this link to help locate a dental specialist near you:


Good Luck

Dr. Andy

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hi Dr. Andy,

thanks for answering.  It actually was a veterinary dentist who did the extractions in the first place, since my regular vet and I had Charlie on antibiotics for months and nothing was helping the inflammation. He had calici virus as a kitten. The dentist did the extractions, and that's who I saw yesttheveterinary dentist works out of our emergency vet clinic in the city (Toronto) although I'm sure not on weekends. Do you think the interferon will help?  Will this antiseptic oral gel help with Charlie's pain that he seems to be in?  Do you know of anything else that can provide charlie with some relief?



Expert:  Dr. Andy replied 7 years ago.

Okay Jill,

Happier about the specialist already being involved. The oral gel may help a bit, the interferon is questionable, but additional teeth may likely need to be extracted.


In the meantime, I would still encourage an exam ASAP, as there are great pain medications that can really give some relief. One in particular you could ask for is called Buprenex. It is an injectable pain medicine, but works incredibly also when given orally, and takes very little. Can provide pain relief for 6-8+ hours.


Still worth the ER evaluation to get the immediate concerns addressed.


Dr. Andy

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thanks Dr. Andy. I can't take Charlie to emerg till sunday as have family things all day tomorrow (Easter) so I hope he will be okay till Sunday.

Last question - if I do get the remainder of charlie's teeth extracted, will that be the end of this painful inflammation for him? Or will he still have these issues? Do you know?

thanks in advance,


Expert:  Dr. Andy replied 7 years ago.
I believe it would solve the problem if all teeth are properly extracted.

In the very first paragraph of the above link, you'll see the connection of the infection issue and its relevance to the teeth. It is for that reason why extraction of the remaining teeth can remedy the problem.

Dr. Andy
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