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Robo hamster has large lump on back. Keeps scratching and it

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My Robo hamster has a large lump on  her back. (It almost looks like a tumor?) She keeps scratching it causing it to bleed. She is lethargic and breathing heavily, but is moving around and eating/ drinking.
The lump is indeed probably a tumor. Tumors are pretty common in older hamsters and should be removed surgically by a qualified veterinarian.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I have been researching about tumors in hammies and it appears to be very common as you said. However, there isn't very good feedback regarding the survival after the surgery. Is this true? Also, what can I do to prevent the scratching/ bleeding and make her as comfortable as possible? Thank you for your time and help.
Survival is low depending on age. One and a half years is pretty old for a hamster and the tumors are typically cancerous and spread pretty fast. Not much you can do besides pain relief for the hamster, you can use children's motrin in the water. The dosage is 4.7mls per 500ml of water.
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