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Deb Jankura
Deb Jankura, Veterinarian
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Experience:  I am a veterinarian with 20+ years experience and additional training in rabbits and pocket pets
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my rabbit has collected a lot of its droppings on its back

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my rabbit has collected a lot of its droppings on its back end which has got quite large and crusty. i have managed to remove most of it, but as i have got down near to his bottom it looks rather sore and open. what can i do?
Hi berrypocket,
This is not an uncommon problem in rabbits. The reason for this is almost 100% diet, When a rabbit does not get enough appropriate fiber , the intestines cannot process food correctly and it comes out very soft. Some of the soft stuff you are seeing are cecotropes, these are normally produces and are eaten by the rabbit to retain essential nutrients. In cases of obesity or arthritis so that the rabbit cannot reach the anal area, these will build up.

The diet should consist of First- Timothy Hay- the real stuff not cubes.
Second- salad- this must be something the rabbit is used to or it needs to be introduced gradually, LAST- pelleted diet- timothy based and not the kind with extra dried bits of corn or carrot. Those diets are like feeding your kids cookies and candy for dinner. The rabbit eats the sweets and doesn't get the good stuff in the right amounts.

I am going to post this but I will find a link with more information and post it in a few minutes.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

do i need to do anything with the rabbits back end which appears to be sore and raw?


do you think i should take the rabbit to a vets or am i ok to continue removing the droppings from the rabbits backside?


thank you



Hi again,
It is hard to say without seeing it. If your rabbit lives outside and it has been warm enough for flies where you live, professional help may be needed. If the skin is not torn and just irritated then washing the area gently and applying vaseline or diaper rash ointment-unmedicated may be all you need. Always it is best to get advice from a veterinarian, you will need to find one with some rabbit experience ideally, you can go on the House Rabbit Network site or the House Rabbit Society page and look for rabbit savvy vets in your area. If you already know one give a call as it sounds bad enough for you to be pretty concerned so I would trust your instincts.

I just realized this was posted to the wrong question--

here is the link with lots more info, hope your bunny is better soon. If the skin is just irritated, you can use a diaper rash ointment like A&D to protect the skin, if it is very deeply irritated you may need to consult a vet near you. One way to clean this up is use the sprayer in your sink on warm and just run water over the area for 10 minutes or so. This will soften the caked on stuff so you can remove it easier,

Let me know if you have questions or to let me know what you are feeding now.

Edited by Deb Jankura on 4/1/2010 at 10:56 PM EST