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Dr. Judy
Dr. Judy, Veterinarian
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My 2 dogs just collided while leaping to catch the same ball.

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My 2 dogs just collided while leaping to catch the same ball. One dog (Molly, mixed breed, age 5) got one of her upper, outermost incisors knocked out. There doesn't appear to be any tooth remaining in the gum -- just a "crater" where it used to be. The bleeding has stopped and she seems okay. Is a vet visit still in order?

Hello, I am Dr. Judy. I currently live in Arizona, USA. Thank you for using this site, and for trusting me to help you and your pet today.


I'm sorry to hear about your dog today. I would recommend that you do take her to the vet for an exam to make sure the entire tooth came out, and that she doesn't have part of the root retained--this can cause a serious abscess and could potentially get into the jawbone. Your vet may also want to put her on antibiotics to make sure an infection doesn't set in. If you opt to not go to the vet, make sure that the defect stays clean--you may need to flush it out with clean water. I hope this helps.

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