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Is there a remedy for ear mites that does not require squirting

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Is there a remedy for ear mites that does not require squirting cold drops into the ears twice a day? I have one very apprehensive cat, a real sweetie, but we have just gotten her to the place where she allows us to touch her. I think the experience of having us force ear drops twice a day for two weeks will ruin an already tentative relationship. We have tried "Revolution", it worked okay, but not 100%. The ear itching and head shaking started again about three weeks later. There are six cats in this family and giving them all Revolution every month is more than we can afford. The other flea treatments seem to last longer which makes it possible to treat every two months, though they do not kill the ear mites.
Thank You,
A. Millard
Hi there and welcome to justanswer!

Yes, there is a product called Acarexx that is a one time treatment for ear mites. This is used as a one time treatment and has been proven to kill all the mites in your cat's ears without any further treatment. After this treatment, the Revolution will prevent them from recurring.

I was skeptical at first when this product came onto the market but after years of use, I am convinced that this is an excellent product and if your cat can handle one treatment, this will cure him.

Good luck!
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